The VC 41.0 Post Internet Syndrome
The VC 40.0 Sense of urgency?
The VC 39.0 The VC Panel: Q1 2001.
The VC 38.0 The billion dollar fund.
The VC 37.0 The Election 2000 comic.
The VC 36.0 "We're looking for companies that scale."
The VC 35.0 The VC scopes a hot optical networking deal.
The VC 34.0 Respinning the consumer company.
Upside 11.0 The deal with hair on it.
The VC 33.0 Y2K fears has the VC headed for the hills!
The VC 32.0 Tis' the season again for the VC Christmas party.
The VC 31.0 The VC and entrepreneur struggle with valuation creep.
Upside 10.0 "We're not interested in profitable businesses. "
The VC 30.0 The VC needs just a little more information.
The VC 29.0 Navigating the layers of defense at a VC firm.
The VC 28.0 The VC takes over the PowerPoint presentation.
Upside 9.0 The VC scopes a handheld device.
The VC 27.0 The one-sided first round backfires on the VC.
The VC 26.0 Countdown to Meltdown: 1 Day Cash Remaining. The entrepreneur sells his soul.
The VC 25.0 Countdown to Meltdown: 7 Days Cash Remaining. With payroll only a week away,the entrepreneur weighs his options.
Upside 8.0 Too many hooks, not enough fish.
The VC 24.0 Countdown to Meltdown: 15 Days Cash Remaining. Meet the investment banker.
The VC 23.0 Countdown to Meltdown: 30 Days Cash Remaining. Cash-flow cat and mouse.
The VC 22.0 Countdown to Meltdown: 60 Days Cash Remaining. The entrepreneur tries to get a bridge.
Upside 7.0 The VC brush-off.
The VC 21.0 The VC takes a nap during a pitch.
The VC 20.0 The artist goes on vacation.
The VC19.0 The visit to Sand Hill Road.
Upside 6.0 How to torture a VC.
The VC 18.0 The entrepreneur puts a new spin on the plan.
The VC 17.0 The VC negotiates with the CEO candidate.
The VC 16.0 The VC taps a portfolio company CTO for technical due diligence.
Upside 5.0 The VC panel discussion.
The VC 15.0 The product demo.
The VC 14.0 The entrepreneur tries to get an answer from the VC.
The VC 13.0 The VC plans a merger of two portfolio companies.
Upside 4.0 The VCs raise a new fund.
The VC 12.0 The VC goes fishing at a trade show.
The VC 11.0 A new business plan shows up on the VC's desk.
The VC 10.0 The VC & the entrepreneur compare vacations.
Upside 3.0 The VC and his Magic 8 Ball.
The VC 9.0 "Your plan is very unfocused..."
The VC 8.0 The partners meeting.
The VC 7.0 The VC Christmas party.
Upside 2.0 "This is my fifth board meeting today."
The VC 6.0 "I'm leaving you a message to see if you got my plan..."
The VC 5.0 Signing the NDA.
The VC 4.0 Technical due diligence.
Upside 1.0 The employee stock option pool.
The VC 3.0 "But we don't need three million..."
The VC 2.0 The VC gets a Pilot.
The VC 1.0 "When I go like this, it means I get it..."