About The VC Comic Strip

Concocted during the halcyon days of the first dot-com era, The VC Comic Strip is half biting satire, half prophetic vision. In 1997, a newbie VC named Robert von Goeben (future toy industry maven) and commercial artist Kathryn Siegler (future world-respected fine artist) came to San Francisco from Los Angeles, only to marvel that there was an industry more up-its-own-ass than entertainment. Soon they figured out the most succinct way to document the era was the time-honored use of sophomoric humor. The VC was a huge hit in the day, appearing as a regular feature in Upside (remember that?) and featured in the likes of The Washington Post and The San Francisco Chonicle. As we approach its 20th anniversary, The VC Comic Strip now serves as a reminder that those who ignore history are bound to be once again screwed by 4X liquidation preferences.